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Drugs are Back!

Great week for drugs in sports.  Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell test positive,1 MLB gets ready drop bombs on A-Rod and Ryan Braun over Biogenesis,2 the Home Run Derby showcases some artificial muscle3 the Tour de France drags on,4 and Coach Kidd plead guilty to a 2012 DUI5

And you thought Bud Selig and Roger Goodell6 had rid the sports world of drugs.  No chance.  Athletes these days these days are juicing like it’s the 90s.7 Doesn’t even have to be steroids or classic PEDs like amphetamines and HGH.  Athletes are using all types of physical and mental stimulants, including Adderall.8 Even if you’re not blatantly using illegal substances, you’ve got to be testing the limits.  Gay said he was let down by a friend who told him his drug was legal,9 while Olympic 10k gold and silver medalists Mo Farrah and Galen Rupp apparently brought a goddamn Walgreens to London with them.  It’s just the reality; the winners are gonna be pushing the envelope, you want to be on top, you’ve got to be willing to get a little dirty.

Bottom line, if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying10

  1. Along with a few other Jamaican sprinters who people don’t actually care about. Actually, I guess people don’t really care bout track in general. Next time I won’t lead a story with track athletes.
  2. Since when can you cut a plea deal over a drug suspension?
  3. Kidding, maybe.
  4. Definitely not kidding
  5. Alcohol’s a drug right?
  6. Gary Bettman actively doesn’t do his job.
  7. Or at least the good ones are
  8. That’s right, the same drug that quadruples in price during finals week gets NFL players through their week.
  9. Had to link to BBC because the US could give a fugg less about what happens to track athletes.
  10. Classic Mark Grace quote, happened to find a bunch of other good ones here.