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Tim Lincecum Throws Most Poorly Timed No Hitter in MLB History

Gotta feel for the guy.  Gets a questionable haircut, goes 4-9, basically falls off the face of the earth, and then when he decides to make a big statement by throwing a 13 strikeout no hitter, he does it at one in the morning (east coast time, which is most important for the news cycle/twitterverse), right as George Zimmerman is being found not guilty and that Glee kid is (probably) OD’ing in a hotel room in Vancouver.1 Everyone is woke up this morning, checking their Facebooks 2 and having no idea that The Freak is back, unless they have friends who are die-hard Giants fans.  Timmy needs a new publicist immediately, someone to advise him to save his no-hitters for the east coast and not waste a good one during Zimmerman’s jury deliberations.  Obviously Glee kid’s death was unpredictable3 so we’ll chalk that one up to bad luck, but the Zimmerman’s trial is basically the only thing that’s been on msnbc and CNN for the past two weeks4.

  1. Easily the best part of that video I just linked to is that Jon Miller, formerly of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, was calling the game.  Hands down one of the best announcers of all time, second only to Harry Kalas.  Had no idea he was the Giants announcer.  I also had no idea that NBC broadcasted baseball, I legitimately can’t ever remember any time I’ve watched a baseball game on NBC.  They probably still do a better job than TBS.
  2. Because obviously this is everyone’s main news source
  3. Then again, maybe not
  4. No chance in hell Lincecum watches Fox News